The Bluebeard’s Daughter

The Bluebeard’s Daughter is a silkstone doll.

Her face was fully repainted with professional acrylic paints and varnish. She wears a costume from 18th century composed by a jacket in grey and silver brocard. On each side of it, was embroidered silver beads and sequins. A scorpion brooch in crystal rhinestones remembers her adventure side. Her pant « style corsair  » is also in brocard. Majestic high boots in white « leather » embroidered with silver thread and beads, are matched with her hat haloed by crystal rhinestones. She wears a shirt in white cotton with a grey satin ribbon where is a beautifullily flower.

Finally,  » The bluebeard’s Daughter  » is ready to go to the adventures with her beautiful spade (metallic) Her redhead hairs was flowing on the side.

All accessories ( not scorpion and lily flower) and embroideries was made by hand by Sebastian Atelier. Doll stand and certificat of authenticity signed included.