Italian Doll Convention 2015

One week soon that the 2015 Italian Convention in Milan  is finished ! A real beautiful and perfect convention !! You can see more pics here :

I was present also the sunday may 17th 2015 during the salesroom and I thank you so much for your compliments, the new meetings, the reunions which are part of the success of this wonderful day.


All my creations were quickly sold out and I thank you so much for your confidence .





I will write of course some articles of the new ooak I presented during the salesroom. Coming soon !!

Thanks again !


Paris fashion doll Festival 2015 !!

Paris by night - La tour Eiffel vue du Trocadéro

Le Paris Fashion Festival approche !! Je serai présent le dimanche 15 mars à la salle de ventes qui aura lieu à l’hotel Novotel Porte de Bagnolet afin de vous présenter mes créations !!