Trocadero !

PortraitThird in the Haute Couture Tribute,  » Trocadero  » is a tribute to Coco Chanel.

This ooak is a silkstone doll whose the face was completly repainted with professional acrylic paints and protected with varnish.

« Trocadero » is not a reproduction of a haute couture outfit . There’re many symbols representing the designer and her work.
She wears a pink tweed ensemble of many colors . Here the Chanel suit was revisited : the jacket was turned into the large collar cape and skirt has grown and has been split . The fabric has been reworked and enhanced with fringes rows of blue jeans and sequins pearls.
The bustier is fully embroidered tulle almond green bowls and beads which include the pastel colors of tweed .
Long earrings , necklaces, shoes with sequins ans beads and a bottle (realized by Pilar Fernández Lopez) shaped bag Chanel No. 5 (first fragrance of Chanel in 1921) supplement this outfit.

Outfit fully lined with pink chiffon.

All accessories and embroideries was made by hand by the artist.
This Ooak doll will be sent in her box with certificat of authenticity signed

and doll stand.

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